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Our high-performance zero-drift acrylic oxygen sensor patches (AP series) are designed for non-invasive monitoring of oxygen in gases and dissolved oxygen in non-organic and biological liquids (water, blood, … ).

FMI's patches are installed inside transparent containers on a small portion of them prior to filling. Measurements are achieved by using our reflection probe attached to the DOPO2 or by using DOPO2 directly.

We provide oxygen patches in a variety of sizes (OD) and on different materials including polymer and glass substrates.

Our patches are provided with different overcoating:

1- With no overcoating with response time (t90) of about 1 Sec 

2- With a white acrylic overcoating for reflected signal enhancement with response time (t90) about 1 min. 

3- With black acrylic overcoating to protect the sensor from UV, ambient light, environmental effects, and biofouling, with a response time of about 1 min. 

They are available in various outer diameters:  0.25" (6.35 mm), 0.5"(12.7 mm), 20 mm, 3" and custom diameters are available per customer request.

And they are available in three different thicknesses: 0.003" (0.076 mm) thick flexible patch, 0.03" (0.76 mm) and 0.06" (1.52 mm) thick patch



  • Oxygen measurement in single-use bioreactor bags
  • Food and beverage industry: Oxygen permeation in PET bottles
  • Bioprocesses: real-time, non-invasive monitoring of oxygen and dissolved oxygen in bioreactors

These patches are pre-calibrated with a known calibration coefficient and slope (using DOPO2 EOM).  Pack of 5


AP series Sensor Specifications

Response rate

No overcoating: T90 ~ 1 second

White Overcoating: 1 min

Black Overcoating: 1 min

Dynamic range in gas

0-100% O2/0-760 mmHg O2

Dynamic range in water (DO)

0-40 ppm (wt)

Dynamic range in other liquids

0-oxygen saturation level

Resolution in gas

0.005% O2 / 0.04 mmHg

Resolution in water (DO)

0.002 ppm (wt) / 2.0 ppb (wt)

Resolution in other liquids

0.005% of oxygen saturation level


5% of reading

Lowest detectable level (gas)

0.005% O2 / 0.04 mmHg

Lowest detectable level (water)

0.002 ppm (wt) / 2.0 ppb (wt)

Lowest detectable level in other liquids

0.005% of oxygen saturation level

Sensor drift

0.002% per day

Operating temperature

-50 to + 80 C

Recommended patch replacement

1 year


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