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Needle Probes

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Our new needle oxygen probes are an industry first. These unique oxygen probes are ideal for measuring headspace in packaging and more.

Available in two different configurations, our needle oxygen probes provide unsurpassed accuracy and ease of use for a variety of applications.

Our needle probes are provided with different overcoats:

1- With no overcoat with a response time (t90) of about 3 Seconds. 

2- With a white acrylic overcoating for reflected signal enhancement with a response time (t90) about 1 min. 

3- With a black acrylic overcoating to protect the sensor from UV, ambient light, environmental effects, and biofouling, with a response time of about 2 min. 


·       Monitoring oxygen level of headspace as well as dissolved oxygen in small pharmaceutical packages

·       Oxygen monitoring and profiling of tissue and sediments

·       Extracting sample and real-time oxygen measurement of gas and liquid

  • Standard factory calibration is included.

    AP series Sensor Specifications

    Response rate

    No overcoate: T90 =3 Seconds

    White overcoat: 1 min

    Black overcoat: 2 min

    Dynamic range in gas

    0-100% O2/0-760 mmHg O2

    Dynamic range in water (DO)

    0-40 ppm (wt)

    Dynamic range in other liquids

    0-oxygen saturation level

    Resolution in gas

    0.005% O2 / 0.04 mmHg

    Resolution in water (DO)

    0.002 ppm (wt) / 2.0 ppb (wt)

    Resolution in other liquids

    0.005% of oxygen saturation level


    5% of reading

    Lowest detectable level (gas)

    0.005% O2 / 0.04 mmHg

    Lowest detectable level (water)

    0.002 ppm (wt) / 2.0 ppb (wt)

    Lowest detectable level in other liquids

    0.005% of oxygen saturation level

    Sensor drift

    Zero drift long term continuous operation

    Operating temperature

    -50 to + 80 C

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