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Electro Optical Modul: ColorChem

Fiber optic color chemistry (ColorChem) analyzer provides digital RGB and white color sensing via integrated Light-To-Frequency (LTF) approach. Color Chemistry analyzer provides two independent channels of color sensing. Colorchem is an ideal device for measuring color content of a light source as well as surface color with a 16-bit resolution without the use of expensive external color filters. Four integrating analog-to-digital converters (ADC) simultaneously convert the photodiode currents to an I2C  digital output (R,G,B,W) that represents the irradiance measured on each channel. For any color application, this output data is interrogated by a microprocessor where color content measurements can be analyzed. A user-friendly GUI is used to control and log the color data on both channels. The use of optical fibers allows remote color detection.
One channel provides a white LED and the other blue LED for sample interrogation. 
Colorchem is a low-cost multifunction solution for applications such as colorimetric based chemical sensing, intensity-based fluorescence sensors, color detection and any chemical and physical detection that involves a change in color.

Colorchem is currently used for the following applications:
Fiber optic pH sensor
Fiber optic color measurement

Computer controlled LED light source 

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