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Our Oxygen Software provides a means of calibrating O2 sensors, setting instrument parameters and downloading data to the firmware. In addition, it provides a display of real-time O2, temperature and ambient pressure data and records time series data. The software comes with the electronics.

We offer a user-friendly application for oxygen measurement that digitally reports oxygen values. and provides data logging in a Windows-based application.


  • Low-cost
  • User-friendly
  • Temperature compensation
  • Data logging
  • Salinity correction
  • Work with multiple channels
  • Displays excitation and calibration
  • Multiple reporting values

pH Sensing Software

Fluorometrics Instruments Viewer

Download Instruments Viewer here

Oxygen Sensing Software

DOPO2 Viewer

Download DOPO2 Viewer v3.09 here

Download DOPO2 Viewer v3.08 here

Download DOPO2 Viewer v3.07 here

Download DOPO2 Firmware v3.07 here

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