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About Our Company

Fluorometrics Instruments (FMI) was formed by founder Dr. Mahmoud Shahriari in 2012. We are happy to announce that FMI joined AlpHa Measurement Solutions, LLC in July 2022.

At FMI, we design, develop, and manufacture innovative, low-cost Fluorescence-based optical chemical sensor systems. Some of these sensors include zero drift oxygen sensors (AP series), semi-disposable fiber optic oxygen sensors, hydrocarbon compatible oxygen sensors (HCR series), fiber optic pH sensors, and fiber optic temperature sensors. FMI’s goal is to offer a wide range of easy to use and innovative sensors at a more affordable price point than competing companies while maintaining quality.

Mahmoud Shahriari

Fluorometrics Instruments was formed by founder Dr. Mahmoud Shahriari in 2012. As a materials scientist, Mahmoud started the research on fiber optic chemical sensors at Rutgers University as a research professor in 1986. He is one of the world’s pioneers in developing optical chemical sensors based on sol-gel technology.

In 1999, he joined the sensor department of Ocean Optics in Florida as the director of R&D. There, he continued his work on optical chemical sensors with Mike Morris, then President of Ocean Optics. During his tenure at Ocean Optics, he successfully developed several optical chemical sensor products (oxygen and pH), based on sol-gel technology and introduced them to the market. Mahmoud left Ocean Optics in 2012 to form FMI.

Dr. Shahriari has been developing of a variety of fiber optic chemical sensors since the inception of FMI. His work has been focused on developing and manufacturing a host of optical chemical sensors for life science and industrial applications.

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